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Well First a "BIG" Thank you to Joe for setting up this page on I have not been involved with Radio Caroline that long (except as a listener and big fan since 1964) so what I can say is limited! I got involved through Graham L Hall.
I sent him some designees for car stickers and some other bits, as I liked what he was playing on Caroline (when on Anolge on a Saturday night) A few months after he got in touch and thanked me for them and asked if I would like to go down to Maidstone one Saturday night and see the studio etc with him. Well! I jumped at the chance. We talked on the way down in the car about a lot of things, and we became great friends (we got on so well). Any way as we talked about what we had done over the years I let it slip that I had done mobile discos for a few years and my dream was to present a show on Caroline. But I did not think I was good enough! (STILL DON'T) He told me to do a demo and send it to the chairman (Peter) and see what he thought? Well I did and heard nothing. So just sat back and enjoyed the others playing great music. I went with Graham on a few Saturdays down to the studios and had a great time answering the phone and making tea,and watching Graham at work.
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