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As a listener to the station Radio Caroline way back in the sixties, one must remember at that time the BBC Light programme was all there was, all they put out were either cover versions of bands, and a half hour on a Saturday called Saturday club and on a Sunday the top 20 hits presented by Allen freeman.
Radio Caroline bought a whole new concept to music moored just out side the three mile limit and broadcasting from a ship from 6am to 6pm in the first few months pop music all day, then there hours of broadcast were extended to 6am to midnight.

By the midsixties their were ten broadcasting ships and other stations from old WW2 forts in the Thames, also at that time Caroline was broadcasting 24hrs a day with one ship of the Essex coast and one of the Isle of Man. In 1967 the then Labour Government passed a law banning all offshore stations, this law came into force on the 14th August 1967, All the offshore stations closed, but Ronan founder of Radio Caroline quoted that Caroline will continue and at Midnight on the 14th August Sir Johnnie Walker said “this is Radio Caroline on 259mtrs the time is midnight Caroline Continues”

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